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Blog Archive for May 2012

A break from our normally scheduled programming to bring you some pictures of pretty ladies. Many rural Tanzanian women can be seen wearing their ‘kangas’– gorgeous wrap dresses and blouses that really stand out! Versatile by design, they can make beautiful clothing, be used to carry babies or even serve as decorative tablecloths and wall […]

Paraprofessionals are a vital support system for co-op and MVCC members. They provide training and monitoring visits to both co-ops and Most Vulnerable Children’s Committees.  As residents or neighbors of the villages where they work, paraprofessionals are insiders able to skillfully capture and transfer knowledge between communities and rally support.   In 2005, Africa Bridge […]

Kids are pretty amazing, especially when they hear that other kids just like them need some help. The students of Stafford Primary, Happy Valley Middle School and Lincoln Middle School came together to do just that– working hard, they raised enough money to finish the walls and windows of their sister school, Katusyo Primary! To […]

Earlier this week we shared the first part of our summer reading list with you. Due to the many fabulous suggestions from our AB Board and because it promises to be a long, sunny summer, we couldn’t stop at just five, so here’s our second part:   Mystery   Wife of the Gods by Kwei Quartey– […]