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Blog Archive for June 2012

Tanzania is a real place, of course, but for a lot of us, it might seem a little mysterious. (Or maybe that’s just me.) To get an idea of what a visit there might be like, I turned to my friend and longtime member of the Africa Bridge family, Corey McAuliffe. Because she’s lived and […]

Someone once told me that we spend about 1/3 of our waking hours at work. That’s a big chunk of time, and here at Africa Bridge, we feel it’s well spent. ¬†Here’s some things that the US staff love about Africa Bridge!   Our board and cadre of dedicated volunteers are, without exception, some of […]

Children in Tanzania make up over 50% of the population, but protecting their rights is an ongoing struggle. Ensuring that children have a safe space to play, learn and thrive is the goal of so many organizations. However, achieving that goal, with lasting results, proves time and again to be much easier said than done. […]

We are completely inspired by the kids around here. Last Friday, the sixth grade at Inza R. Wood Middle School¬†hosted a fundraiser that they called ‘Tanzania Night’. The event was planned and executed solely by WMS’s kid rockstars, and drew in an impressive number of people! The students made paintings, crafts and even gathered donations […]