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Blog Archive for July 2012

Wow, India is having some intense power outages right now! With that in the news, it got me curious about Tanzania’s power situation.   I know little info about electricity in Tanzania, just that our wonderful staff there struggles with frequent power outages, which can often create difficulties. Considering our offices are in  the ‘town’ […]

We’re happy to report that the avocado co-ops in Mpombo are doing well. It’s not because the Avocado Fairy came down and touched them with a magic wand, either. It’s because hardworking members of village communities work tirelessly to empower new co-op members to be successful. These people are called paraprofessionals. Today we’ll meet one, […]

In 2010, with 5 years’ hard work to provide opportunities for income-generation and education in Isongole Ward behind us,  Africa Bridge was beginning to see some impressive results in that ward’s villages.  Those who lived there and those who visited reported that amazing strides were being made towards helping create healthy futures for these rural […]

We talk a lot about our villages here on the Bridge Blog, as well we should– these rural communities are at the center of the work we do. They’re remote and literally “off the beaten path”–  we work hard to maintain our vehicles so that they can get down the rutted roads to make visits […]