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Blog Archive for April 2013

Africa Bridge is building sustainable communities by creating economic streams that strengthen one child, one family, one village, at a time. Through innovative cooperative programs, Africa Bridge aids in the development of financial independence by providing training and one time capital grants. Africa Bridge seeks to reach and aid the most vulnerable among us, the children. […]

Recently, Africa Bridge worked with a team of students at Portland State University to develop a pilot cell phone application to assist with gathering data in rural Tanzania. Susan Stewart and Ellen Worcester from Africa Bridge worked tirelessly with six students to make this idea a reality. For further information on the project click here. So, here’s the inside […]

The avocado cooperatives in the Mpombo Ward are doing very well with over 10,000 healthy avocado trees planted and anticipated to generate a highly successful harvest by 2014. Recall that in 2012, we started avocado cooperatives in every Mpombo village. Equally exciting, our partner The Rungwe Avocado Company, reports greater demand for Hass avocados from […]