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Blog Archive for May 2013

All Africa Bridge dairy cow cooperative programs believe in the healthy upkeep of the animals. All cows receive healthcare provided by a pare-vet. A para-vet is equivalent to a nurse practitioner, but for cows. Up to 2 co-op members are democratically selected from each dairy cow cooperative to become a para-veterinarian. The main criteria for […]

Here at Africa Bridge, we love numbers! Why? Because they play a critical part in making change happen- from tracking results to balancing our program budgets.  And speaking of budgets, our Financial and Operations Manager, Alex Chester, does an amazing job working closely with our staff in the U.S. and Tanzania to ensure funds are […]

Africa Bridge started their partnership with eight villages in Masoko Ward in July of 2008. We’re now slowly approaching the end of our program with the people in Masoko and are excited to share some of the successes with you! Let’s start with a little background, Masoko ward has an estimated population of 10,425 people. […]

MEET MAMA SHALE Mama Shale lives deep in the southwest region of Tanzanian, Africa. She has been a participant in the Africa Bridge dairy cooperative program since 2008. Prior to getting involved with the Africa Bridge dairy co-op program, Mama Shale was barely making ends meet through subsistent farming. She was only growing enough food […]