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Blog Archive for October 2013

Like Old Mother Hubbard, who had to scramble to find shelter for all her children, the new dairy farmers in Africa Bridge’s Mpombo ward have scrambled in the last month to prepare proper shelters for their new young cows. Funded by the US Agency for International Development, this dairy cow cooperative project in Mpombo ward […]

Introduction To Faraja’s Letter Faraja Mbungu is a new and powerful presence in the ranks of Africa Bridge volunteers.  Faraja grew up in the Iringa region in central Tanzania and attended university in Dar-es-Salaam, studying sociology and later working toward a Master of Business Administration. From 2005 to 2012 she held increasingly responsible positions with […]

Alesi resides in the Idewli village of the Isongole ward of Tanzania, Africa. The Isongole ward is within the Rungwe district of the Mbeya region. Alesi is a widow that cares for five children. She has four children of her own and cares for one orphan. Prior to her involvement with Africa Bridge, she lived […]