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Blog Archive for November 2013

“Where there are experts there will be no lack of learners.” ~Swahili Proverb Africa Bridge has taken this Swahili proverb to heart — learning is a keystone in our approach to village economic development. In the remote villages of the Tanzanian southwestern highlands where Africa Bridge works, villages are isolated. Villagers have limited access to […]

  Send A Child To School For Fifty Dollars Africa Bridge works with the Tanzanian Department of Education and seeks to improve education in Tanzanian. Education is out of reach for many vulnerable children in Tanzania. However, when children are asked what they want most… every child responds with dreams of going to school. Education, a […]

Africa Bridge avocado agricultural cooperatives produce essential income for Tanzanian families and villages for generations. An avocado tree’s ability to produce fruit for up to 80 years results in long-term impact on self-sustaining financial stability for Tanzanians. Avocado agriculture cooperatives are fundamental to financial stability. By age 3, an avocado tree will produce about 220 pounds of […]