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Blog Archive for May 2014

Vibrant Village Foundation has awarded Africa Bridge a $265,000 grant to support their work in Tanzania over the next three years. Africa Bridge is a non-profit organization based in Marylhurst, Oregon working in remote villages in the highlands of southwestern Tanzania to transform futures for vulnerable children. Since its founding in 2008, Africa Bridge has […]

We are pleased to release our 2013 Annual Impact Report so you can share in the joy of knowing that your support has helped transform the lives of hundreds of children and families for years to come. The attached report highlights our celebration and “graduation” of eight co-op villages in Masoko as well as many […]

It was National Education Week in early April in the Mbeya Region of Tanzania where Africa Bridge operates. Africa Bridge was honored with a Certificate of Appreciation for its work in the region.  The certificate was presented by the Mbeya’s Regional Commissioner Abbas Kandoro and accepted by Medard Mwebesa, the Africa Bridge Most Vulnerable Children […]

One unique aspect of Africa Bridge’s model is the use of para-professionals to work with co-op members.  A para-professional is someone who is trained to assist professionals but does not have professional licenses or extensive training.  Funding through USAID in the Mpombo Ward demonstrates how the use of para-professionals expands the scope and impact of […]