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2017 Annual Appeal: Cows Create Change

Posted December 19th, 2017 by

Cows Create Change

Happy Holidays from Africa Bridge. We hope this season brings you much to be thankful for! Here at Africa Bridge we are thankful for your continued support over the years. Together, we have been able to provide sustainable social services and economic solutions in 32 villages for over 7,000 children. We are grateful for your support, and recognize we could not do this work without you- Thank you! Now we face our biggest challenge yet, the Kambesegela Ward, and we need your help.

Earlier this year, Africa Bridge identified Kambesegela Ward of the Rungwe District, located in the rural southern highlands of Tanzania, as the most vulnerable community in need of support. This Ward is comprised of 5,600 people in three villages, and the majority of people are living on less than one dollar per day. The area has one of the highest rates in the world for HIV/AIDS infection with limited access to health care. There are only two health care facilities within 33 miles of the ward with no official medical doctors, just clinicians, and lack of essential drugs and medical equipment such as ultra sounds and x-ray equipment.

Kambesegela Ward is the poorest community Africa Bridge has worked with to date.

As this year comes to a close Africa Bridge is urging you to give globally.  With 99% of the Kambesegela Ward relying upon subsistence farming and livestock keeping activities to earn income, it is clear families need more access to agricultural resources. The people of Tanzania and Africa Bridge have decided to turn poverty into prosperity through purchasing cows, and we need your help.

Help us bring cows to Kambesegela Ward through Africa Bridge’s Dairy Co-Op program. By donating to the co-op, you are helping provide the most vulnerable children with access to milk to build strong bones, new farming techniques to help create sustainable job skills, and products to provide new income streams. Your gift will also give these vulnerable families increased access to education and healthcare.

How You Can Help

If you would like to be a part of this life changing mission, below are some specific ways your tax-deductible contribution can help us reach more vulnerable families with the promise of a prosperous future:

  • For just $1000, you can buy a cow and a bull for the dairy co-op to give more families access to nutritious milk, rich fertilizer from manure, and new income opportunities.
  • For just $500, you can buy a cow for the dairy co-op providing more families with access to nutritious milk, rich fertilizer from manure, and new income opportunities.
  • For just $250, you can send 5 vulnerable children to school providing education for a year.
  • For just $100, you can provide medicine and health care supplies to support the local health care facilities.
  • For just $50, you can provide veterinary care to help keep livestock cooperativeshealthy and productive.

Donations can be addressed to Africa Bridge PO Box 115, Marylhurst, Oregon 97036 or made online at our website


Freda’s Story

Freda Anderson Kikondo, a current Dairy Co-Op member from Lufingo in the Kisondela Ward,  is a 62-year-old widowed Tanzanian. She takes care of her three orphaned grandchildren ages 14, 10, and 6 years old. Freda’s family was identified by the Most Vulnerable Children Committee as one of the families in need of support. Through this process, Freda was able to get a cow through the Dairy Co-Op last year. Freda shared her thoughts and feelings with Africa Bridge about the program.

“I am very grateful to this project, because they selected and encouraged me to join the cow co-op. Before joining the cow co-op, my life was in a very miserable status, I was very poor and unable to feed my grandchildren. My income was very low and could not manage to serve my grandchildren with three meals a day, buying school uniforms and sending them to hospital. After joining the co-op, I am now feeling more confident, I have attended good training sessions on how to take care of cows using modern methods and techniques. Our cow is progressing very well and after few months, it will be pregnant.” 

-Freda Anderson Kikondo

When you send a contribution to Africa Bridge, you will have a long-lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable children, their guardians, and entire communities. Any gift amount helps this holiday season. We have hard work ahead, but with your generosity, we can build a brighter future for these villages.

Asante Sana,

Deborah Saunders
Executive Director

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