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Donor Appreciation Event was a huge success!

Posted May 22nd, 2017 by

Over 70 people gathered on the 30th floor of the Stoel Rives building in Portland, Oregon Saturday, May 20th for our Donor Appreciation Event. The views were breathtaking, the weather perfect and the atmosphere electric.

Deb Saunders, our Executive Director, facilitated the evening with enthusiasm and grace. We heard from our Board Chair, Katie Wire, our Founder, Barry Childs and our new Tanzanian Program Director visiting the United States for the first time, Fred Urembo.

Katie expressed her excitement and appreciation for the current state of Africa Bridge.

Barry shared his experiences from the inception of Africa Bridge to present day. Barry used an analogy of a wisteria plant. At first, the wisteria needs to be tied to an arbor until it is strong enough to support itself. Barry was Africa Bridge’s arbor for many years. Now that Africa Bridge has become self-supporting through the excellent work of the board and staff, Barry can sit back and enjoy the beauty of his creation.

Fred expressed appreciation from everyone in Tanzania who has been touched by Africa Bridge. He discussed the contrast between gardening here in the United States as a hobby or past time with gardening in Tanzania as a way to stay alive. He also compared the cost of a cup of coffee here to buying a chicken which again sustains life in Tanzania.

Teresa Sullivan from Mango African Safaris also spoke about her relationship with Africa Bridge. She discussed the upcoming safari to Tanzania this fall. (See Events tab from the menu for details.)

Then evening was concluded with the drawing for the raffle for an overnight stay in a stunning waterfront condo in Seattle with a $100 gift certificate to Safri Njema Restaurant. The winner was June Blout!

Jeff Walter and Fred Urembo

Chris Rich, Barry Childs, John & JillCrawford

John & Megan Stephens

Marjory Morford & Katie Wire

Ashley Hayden & Kathy Cloonan

Greg MacPherson & Ellen Worcester

Gary Grossman and attending donors

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