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Category: Monitoring & Evaluating Our Programs

As you may have heard, we’re so excited to begin work in a new ward — Lufingo. And we think it’s particularly neat that we’ll be able to share each step of the process with you! We hope this will provide you with some interesting insights into the work that occurs behind the scenes. Before […]

Africa Bridge started their partnership with eight villages in Masoko Ward in July of 2008. We’re now slowly approaching the end of our program with the people in Masoko and are excited to share some of the successes with you! Let’s start with a little background, Masoko ward has an estimated population of 10,425 people. […]

Recently, Africa Bridge worked with a team of students at Portland State University to develop a pilot cell phone application to assist with gathering data in rural Tanzania. Susan Stewart and Ellen Worcester from Africa Bridge worked tirelessly with six students to make this idea a reality. For further information on the project click here. So, here’s the inside […]

In rural Africa, people often do without electricity, running water and indoor plumbing. Many families don’t have enough pairs of shoes to go around. Regardless of income level, folks almost never have cars; a village motorbike is a luxury. There is one thing, though, that appears more often than you might think: mobile devices. As […]