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Sunday, June 16th is the Day of the African Child. This day draws attention to the issues facing African children and this year’s theme is “Eliminating Harmful Social and Cultural Practices Affecting Children: Our Collective Responsibility.” Historically, June 16th, 1976 marked a sad day. Thousands of students had taken to the streets of Soweto, South Africa […]

Tanzania, along with many other countries around the world, celebrate International Workers’ Day on May 1st every year. This day, also referred to as May Day, is usually marked by protests, rallies, processions or other organized events from various labor organizations drawing attention to their cause. Many large cities will also have a parade where commissioners or the President will […]

Here at Africa Bridge we love children! So, needless to say, every time we learn about another step to protect children’s rights, we are thrilled and feel the need to share our excitement with you! First off, here’s a little info about how we do our part at Africa Bridge. We listen to children and advocate for their rights. Core to […]

Elsie Kanza has been named on of Africa’s most influential women. What an accomplishment in a sector that is still largely male-dominated. She is an inspiration to young girls everywhere interested in public service! Kanza  has a history in banking and finance, and has accepted a position in the World Economic Forum, where she is Director and Head […]