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Category: Rural Life in Tanzania

Noel Msuha is Africa Bridge’s agricultural specialist and co-op coordinator.  He is responsible for training members of Africa Bridge’s maize, potato, avocado, and cow co-ops.  In addition, he trains and supervises successful farmers from earlier projects who serve as mentors to new co-op members, and he provides ongoing support and assistance as our farmers develop […]

Big news everybody! In February 2013 Africa Bridge will start work in our newest ward: in just a week, we begin a five-year partnership with the seven villages of Lufingo! Here’s a little background on how we start the process. Before every Africa Bridge project begins, there is close consultation with District officials to identify […]

We have some exciting news. Our Tanzanian team will receive their solar cell phone chargers in February. The staff is often out and about visiting the rural villages where Africa Bridge works. Several hours of very bumpy travel is required to reach these places, and there are no chargers once they get there. These little power sources are […]

As we continue to enjoy the holidays here at Africa Bridge US, we thought we should share a little about how people celebrate this time of year in Tanzania. About one third of the population in Tanzania is estimated to be Christian and celebrates Christmas during the holiday season. In Tanzania,  like in the US, the […]