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Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s capital, is a popular tourist destination with its beautiful beaches, many sights and delicious culinary options. The city is also the economic, cultural and political center of Tanzania with a population of about 4.3 million and still growing! Dar es Salaam also serves as a major hub for travelers and trade in East […]

In northern Tanzania, just west of Arusha you will find the beautiful Ngorongoro Crater. An estimated 2.5 million years ago, the old volcano collapsed to form this crater. Today, it is the largest unbroken caldera in the world and home to about 3o,000 different animals, including a rare black rhino. Known for it’s breathtaking landscape […]

When to Go The best time to travel to Tanzania depends on the goals of your journey.  If you want to witness the great migration of exotic wildlife, then February through March is ideal – the migration of wildebeest and zebras are in full form as they seek out a temporary Serengeti home to give […]

Our friend Betsy recently traveled to Tanzania with a group of Africa Bridge volunteers. While pondering her travel adventures on the day of her departure, sitting in the airport, she thought a cool way to capture her experience would be through word association. As she said, her words just came tumbling out! We’re excited and grateful that […]