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Category: Tanzanian Women

MEET MAMA SHALE Mama Shale lives deep in the southwest region of Tanzanian, Africa. She has been a participant in the Africa Bridge dairy cooperative program since 2008. Prior to getting involved with the Africa Bridge dairy co-op program, Mama Shale was barely making ends meet through subsistent farming. She was only growing enough food […]

Elsie Kanza has been named on of Africa’s most influential women. What an accomplishment in a sector that is still largely male-dominated. She is an inspiration to young girls everywhere interested in public service! Kanza  has a history in banking and finance, and has accepted a position in the World Economic Forum, where she is Director and Head […]

No, we’re not talking about Martha Stewart, but our very own Martha Mmbando! She’s Africa Bridge’s Tanzanian Program Manager… and a fantastic cook!   We thought it would be fun to get a little insight into what Martha’s typical day looks like where food is concerned. Martha told me that in the morning she loves to […]

A break from our normally scheduled programming to bring you some pictures of pretty ladies. Many rural Tanzanian women can be seen wearing their ‘kangas’– gorgeous wrap dresses and blouses that really stand out! Versatile by design, they can make beautiful clothing, be used to carry babies or even serve as decorative tablecloths and wall […]