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Category: Tanzanian Women

                              Kisondela Ward, TZ – Christina Anyosisye never thought she would own a cow. A subsistence farmer and mother of three, Anyosisye struggled financially. “I had wished to pay for my children’s school expenses, and also to buy a new piece […]

MEET MAMA SHALE Mama Shale lives deep in the southwest region of Tanzanian, Africa. She has been a participant in the Africa Bridge dairy cooperative program since 2008. Prior to getting involved with the Africa Bridge dairy co-op program, Mama Shale was barely making ends meet through subsistent farming. She was only growing enough food […]

Elsie Kanza has been named on of Africa’s most influential women. What an accomplishment in a sector that is still largely male-dominated. She is an inspiration to young girls everywhere interested in public service! Kanza  has a history in banking and finance, and has accepted a position in the World Economic Forum, where she is Director and Head […]

No, we’re not talking about Martha Stewart, but our very own Martha Mmbando! She’s Africa Bridge’s Tanzanian Program Manager… and a fantastic cook!   We thought it would be fun to get a little insight into what Martha’s typical day looks like where food is concerned. Martha told me that in the morning she loves to […]