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Christina’s Cow

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Kisondela Ward, TZ – Christina Anyosisye never thought she would own a cow. A subsistence farmer and mother of three, Anyosisye struggled financially. “I had wished to pay for my children’s school expenses, and also to buy a new piece of land and build a new better house for my kids, but I coul not afford to do so.” In her spare time she works at a local tea farm, where she earns 20,000 Tsh per month, equivalent to just 9 US Dollars.

Because of their financial struggles, Anyosisye’s family was invited to join an Africa Bridge cow co-op in her village. She met with other community members who were facing similar challenges, like taking care of most vulnerable children, and she attended an Africa Bridge agricultural training session. “It was my first training but I learned a lot of useful lessons, such as appropriate methods of taking care of a dairy cow, how to feed a dairy cow, calf rearing, milking, diseases identification and how to prepare a good fodder farm for a cow.” After training for several weeks, Christina Anyoisye received the first cow she had ever owned.

“It’s like a miracle for me.”

This cow is already pulling its weight. Says Anyosisye, “the cow is providing us manure and we apply it in our farm. One day my children will be drinking milk from this cow, and some of the milk will be sold in order to increase our household income.”

Beyond making ends meet, this new income will also help Anyosisye reach her long-term goals as well. “I will be able to build a better house than the one you are seeing now, and I will afford to cover my children’s school expenses.” Anyosisye says all this was unimaginable before. “It is like a miracle for me. I am really grateful to Africa Bridge for this great support for my family.”




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