Africa Bridge

New Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

Denis Mketo is our new Monitoring and Evaluation Manager in Tanzania.

Denis Mketo received his bachelor degree in social science and philosophy from the University of Dar es salaam. He is a qualified Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (MER) Manager with expertise in Project Management, Planning, Execution, Appraisal and Impacts Assessment

Denis Mketo’s first professional post was working as regional monitoring and evaluation officer managing Pamoja Tuwalee MVC program M&E system with PACT Tanzania and Salvation Army (2010 – 2013). After three years Denis moved on to a post of Program Monitoring and evaluation Manager with UNICEF/Salvation Army at the same time serving as Temeke Municipal child protection team as well as National Child Justice Forum member (2013 – 2016)

In 2016 Denis joined the Community servers Tanzania team as Project Officer for the “Prevention Violence against Children’s project.

Denis has recently joined with Africa Bridge as Monitoring and Evaluation Manager where he is looking forward to work on organization’s Monitoring and Evaluation systems, developing implementation strategies and applying different approaches in the implementation, monitoring and measuring results ensuring realization of Africa Bridge’s goals of serving vulnerable children in Tanzania.