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Help Improve Vulnerable Children’s Lives and Change a Village’s Future

Africa Bridge 2015 Campaign

Our Five-Year Model

Africa Bridge provides little direct aid. Instead, our model of sustainable development pairs short-term startup capital with extensive training to enable villagers to overcome dire poverty.

We partner with the community.
timv1Africa Bridge’s program is rooted in local values. We start by listening to vulnerable children, their guardians and village leaders to understand the community’s greatest needs and biggest dreams. Our program success comes from this partnership to create a development plan that Africa Bridge guides and villagers implement.
We transform villages.
Africa Bridge helps the guardians of vulnerable children establish income-generating farm co-ops. We implement operating procedures and small business disciplines, while providing seed capital and ongoing training. As harvests and herds grow, co-op membership expands.
We build economic independence.
timv3Africa Bridge organizes volunteer villagers into Most Vulnerable Children Committees, which identify and aid those most in need. We train committee members in social services, care-taking skills, legal protections and organizational management, as well as provide access to healthcare and education.

Our Impact

With deep gratitude to our donors and sponsors, Africa Bridge continues to make great progress in ensuring vulnerable children are educated, healthy and sheltered. Over the course of five years, our program helps Tanzanian families successfully shed their ‘vulnerable’ status.

For example, in Masoko Ward’s eight villages, which graduated from Africa Bridge in 2012, co-op membership had tripled by 2014 and is still expanding – without any further investment. In addition, the chart below shows how we’ve already changed lives in the Mpombo Ward. With your help, we can now create lasting change for approximately 560 households and an estimated 1,400 vulnerable children in Kisondela.

Kisondela Class of 2021
Mpombo Class of 2016
Families eat 1-2 meals dailyFamilies eat 3 meals daily
Meals include meat once a month to once a yearMeals include meat, fish or poultry 3 or more times per week
Children sleep on mats on the floorChildren sleep on mattresses or beds with a blanket
Children are poorly clothed and unable to attend school1,426 children received school uniforms, shoes and workbooks
Little access to credit or farm assistance10 co-ops in which membership has sustainably increased by 41% and is still growing
Subsistence living Economic independence and entrepreneurship


One five-year commitment to vulnerable children has the power to help them thrive and change a village’s future.

Get Involved

We invite you to take a bold and more personal journey with Africa Bridge. Through “This Is My Village” (TIMV), we bring together like-minded donors to make a five-year giving commitment that supports Africa Bridge’s model of sustainable development and helps villagers achieve economic independence. During the five-year program, you will receive updates about the work underway and the progress being made.

Give Now, Help Forever

Your generosity can help create sustainable change in a village. Please consider a pledge of $1,000 a year for five years. For a total of $5,000, you can have a forever impact on the lives of vulnerable children, their guardians and an entire community.

Join a VillageThis is My Village

We welcome you to join a village with one of the following pledges:

  • Monthly gifts of $83.33
  • Annual gifts of $1,000
  • One-time gift of $5,000
How Your Gift Helps

Your 100 percent tax-deductible gift of $1,000 a year for five years has the power to help Africa Bridge accomplish the following:

  • Send 20 vulnerable children to school for an entire year, supplying them school uniforms, workbooks and shoes.
  • Buy a cow and a bull for the dairy co-op to help more families earn an income.
  • Give 250 vulnerable children more time to play by sending them to quarterly Children’s Club meetings for a year.
  • Deliver 2,000 avocado saplings to begin orchards and launch families toward economic independence.


TIMV Pledge Commitment

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