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Posted June 2nd, 2017 by

Overall Fred’s (our Program Director from Tanzania) visit was a great success! Having him here to work with Carl, Lillian and myself was an enormous benefit. His meeting at Stafford and Riverside schools was wonderful for him and for the kids . I know the donors were very pleased with him and for having the opportunity to meet him at Stoel Rives. The communication between the US and Tanzania has been vastly improved.

Many thanks to Ellen and John, Carl and Joy for hosting him in their homes.  Much thanks also to Katie and Kevin for dinners and excursions and to Mark  for arranging the space for our donor event. Thanks as well to Barry for making the trip and for speaking so eloquently at the event.

The not so great- Fred, my daughter and her boyfriend had gone to a show Wednesday night. Thieves smashed a window in my car and stole Fred’s backpack which had two laptops, a phone, cash, his passport and all of his identity papers from Tanzania. We waited for 2.5 hours for the police to show up but nothing was retrieved. Understandably, we are all upset.

Fred and Carl decided to see if they could find Fred’s documents in bushes or trash cans -they went up to the crime scene and spent about four hours looking. During that time they encountered several homeless people who tried to offer assistance. As they were about to give up they spotted the woman at the homeless camp they had seen last night, she was going through Fred’s documents!! They approached her and lo and behold…his passport, visa, drivers license, health insurance card were all there!!! There was a possibility she could recover the laptops (for a fee).

Carl and Fred were not as successful last night in their second effort to recover Fred’s laptops and phone.  The person they received the documents from was supposed to call Carl or meet them Thursday night but was a no show. Fred and Carl will canvass the area one more time this evening, but think the thieves have rented a room somewhere so the chances of finding them on the street are slim.  Wish them luck!

Deb Saunders

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