Africa Bridge

About us

tHE MISSION OF AFRICA BRIDGE is to empower families and villages in Tanzania to transform the lives of vulnerable children by listening to them and through integrated sustainable development.

Africa Bridge is a rural economic development organization that provides start-up capital, education and training resources to families caring for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Africa Bridge is currently working in 12 villages in Tanzania. Utilizing a holistic, integrated development model, our self-sustaining programs have improved the lives of over 7,000 children and their families.

Core Principles

We listen, gathering extensive feedback and input from children and local leaders. Our projects are designed by Africans for Africans.

We encourage men, women and children to come together as equals, discover their common ground and plan for their future.

We combine Africa’s deep values of community and relationship with Western resources and technologies. We facilitate local solutions and foster independence.

We strengthen families and their communities so they become empowered, economically secure, and have the capacity to protect and nurture their children.

In 2011, This Is My Village was launched to better connect our mission and core principles with the people who make it all possible: you.

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