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About Us


Most Vulnerable Children (MVC) in East Africa living in extreme poverty have a brighter future and the opportunity to achieve their dreams.


Africa Bridge engages with villagers and local leaders to develop sustainable socioeconomic solutions that help to protect and care for vulnerable children, lifting them and their communities out of extreme poverty.

Core Values

Focus on MVC and Household Well-Being

Africa Bridge strives to ensure everything we do results in the improvement of the well-being of MVCs and their households.

Listen With Respect

Community participation is central to our focus and our success—we listen to and engage communities in activities like Future Search, monthly co-op and MVCC meetings, and community surveys.

Support Inclusivity

Africa Bridge supports diversity and inclusion across the organization and among our beneficiaries, especially critical considering the leading role women have as caregivers and earners supporting MVCs.

Facilitate Collaboration

Africa Bridge partners with ward and village governments, educators, households, children, and local nonprofits and businesses to achieve our goals effectively and efficiently.

Build on Strengths

Africa Bridge recognizes that the communities we serve have specific strengths that we can leverage to achieve our goals, including knowledge of subsistence agriculture and the fact that every child has a home and at least one adult caregiver.

Adapt as Necessary

We recognize that we operate in a complex setting and our communities are subject to harmful shocks such as agriculture pests, climate change, and COVID-19, and we continuously monitor and adapt our program to respond.

Drive Sustainability

Africa Bridge empowers the Most Vulnerable Children’s guardians, families, and communities to achieve and sustain economic independence.