Africa Bridge


At Africa Bridge, we have a proven track record of using donations efficiently and effectively.

From school children in the United States who donate their allowances to build classes in Tanzania to our largest philanthropic donors like the Monsanto Fund and the Vibrant Village Foundation, we cherish all of our supporters. In 2013, thanks to the dedication of staff and volunteers in both the U.S. and Tanzania, and to the generosity of our donors, Africa Bridge was able to significantly increase the number of vulnerable children served. Today, as always, we are working hard to find ways to serve even more children. In effort to keep overhead costs low, we will continue to plan strategically, maximize current resources, and develop innovative, community-driven campaigns like This Is My Village.

Agency Budget
2014 – $609,000
Pie Chart of Functional Expenses



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FY2013 Annual Report Use Viewer or Download

FY2013 IRS Form 990 (pdf)

Audited Financial Statements (pdf)